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Living in our communities is a well deserved privilege which will provide owners with lots of luxuries and amenities. Owners will be required to join the Home Owner's Association and abide by the bylaws of the community. Association dues will be collected monthly. All members will have a vote in matters concerning the community. Members may reserve the right to proxy their vote to other homeowners.

Buy One Get One

Home buyers in the Brightmoor Estates and Brightmoor Commons neighborhoods have an option to participate in the growth of the entire Brightmoor Collaborative. Select style homes will be sold with a companion property newly built or renovated in the Brightmoor Flats or Brightmoor Village sectors. This property will be professionally promoted by our property management team.

The companion property will provide monthly income to the homeowner through either lease/rental revenue or land contract sale. Our team will build, renovate, furnish, prepare, maintain, find an occupant and collect disbursements on behalf of the owner. Disbursements may be given to the owner or used to offset their monthly mortgage payments.









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